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These pictures were taken in late January 2019. I am determined that I will not be fat another birthday. NOT EVER AGAIN.

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I am asking y’all to hold me accountable to my goals of getting healthy, trim, and toned.

I am committed to doing anything and everything it takes to reach this goal within healthy bounds.

Any of y’all who know me, know I am all about chemical free living and healthy options.

I have learned a lot on this journey so far. Especially what things stall my weight loss! Surprising things.

I have drastically changed my eating.
I have changed my workouts.

There is not a bite of ANYTHING that is worth derailing my permanent weight removal progress.

No… I am NOT looking to lose weight. I mean really… is that like losing my keys and needing to find them???
I do not want to find this weight again!

What I AM looking to do is dramatically improve my health!! Permanent wright removal is a side benefit.

Looking for an encouraging weight loss coach?

Contact me!

Email: OR TEXT: WEIGHT to 580-501-0737

To Our Health! Evelyn Mae

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