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Welcome to my A decade ago or longer, I loved burning candles and had some going in multiple rooms nearly all day long – for years. I loved the variety of scents that I could easily change with the season or my mood. I loved all the candle holders that accented my decor or the holidays. And owned a LOT of them too, both candles AND holders!

My dear husband on the other hand HATED all my candles, cheap ones, expensive ones, didn’t matter he hated them all and complained about the smell. Much to my disappointment!! I would have to make sure they were out and the air cleared before he got home from work each day and then couldn’t burn any on the days he was home from work.

I knew there had to be a better option… but hadn’t a clue back then as to what it was. Along with the smell my husband didn’t like, I had no earthly idea of the damage it was doing to our bodies!

How can you get your home pleasantly scented without all the harmful chemicals and toxins from burning candles or using room sprays? And NOT masking any offensive odors that may be in the home – like stinky boy feet? With my sensitive nose I could STILL smell the “masked” odor underneath the scent. ICK!!!

HERE is the inexpensive healthful option I wish I knew of years ago!!

Welcome back to my Young Living essential oil Fall Diffusing Recipe Series.

There will be a diffusing blend recipe – one for every day of the month – right here.

And isn’t variety the spice of life? These recipes will give you all that… and MOREFall Diffusing Recipe Series!

There will be a Young Living essential oil diffusing blend recipe – one for every day of the month (or season).

There was one very large pumpkin patch in WA with hayrides,
….. and a petting zoo,
….. ….. and a giant milk carton “climbing wall”,
….. ….. ….. a “tractor train”,
….. ….. ….. …, and of course PUMPKINS!

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