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It is an issue that I heard some about a few years ago… but did not speak out.

It is an issue I learned more about at the Young Living 2020 convention… and can not nor will I remain silent any longer.

I have also known for many years about the media’s web of lies and manipulation… through fear. I don’t feed my mind with all that garbage any longer. They will NOT tell me what to think! And their goal is to foster divisions among us.

I refuse to go along with “the handlers” any more.

And it is high time more people hear the truth. It’s a hard one to hear about.

I was a sexually abused child at the age of 3 by a male babysitter. Happened one time. It has negatively affected me my entire life.

One time.

I have dealt with the effects of that for 57 years.

I found tremendous healing in a Bible study called ‘The Hem of His Garment’ through Healing Hearts Ministries.

There has been additional help with the Aroma Freedom Technique along with the Young Living essential oils.

Young Living is also partnered with Hope for Justice who are fighting child trafficking and human slavery.

You can contact me for more information about: the Bible study, the Young Living Foundation’s work against human trafficking, Young Living’s essential oiks and how they have helped me.

I want everyone to find the same freedom I have found!!

You CAN be free from the effects of the abuse. You matter.

Its For Our Health, Evelyn Mae

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