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Gift giving series starts this week!

Come join the fun and tell me what you are looking forward to learn more about below! ⬇️

6th – Kickoff Day
7th – Day 1 – Family Wellness
8th – Day 2 – Active Lifestyle
9th – Day 3 – 4 the Children
10th – Day 4 – Clean Home Air
11th – Day 5 – Hair Beautiful Hair
12th – Sunday day of rest

13th – Day 6 – Gardeners / Gardening
14th – Day 7 – Safe Home Cleaning
15th – Day 8 – All 4 Men
16th – Day 9 – Cooks / Cooking
17th – Day 10 – Weddings or Anniversaries
18th – Day 11- Skin Your In
19th – Sunday – day of rest

20th – Day 12 – Pets / Animals
21st – Day 13 – bonus day

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Looking forward to chatting with y’all these next 12+ days!!

you are looking for someone to help you learn about ‘all things oily’, I would love to be your oil lady!
You can go here to get started with me or one of my team members:

I am extraordinarily thankful for your support of my home business. Your support helps me pay for healing modalities that insurance doesn’t cover. There are a myriad of ways you can support me: most important is daily prayer for my healing & to be able to go home;’ purchasing from me; sharing my posts with your friends & family & on your own social media platforms. Thank you so much!

For Our Health!!
Evelyn Mae

Who do you know who would appreciate this information?
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My car accident 12-26-2020 left me partially paralyzed. I appreciate your support of my home business, it helps me to pay for alternative healing modalities & supplies not covered by insurance.

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