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Day #7 – 12 Days of Gifts That Keep on Giving

Gifts for anyone with a home (of any kind) and desire safe natural clean home.

Have you ever wondered if your home is SAFE after using those toxic-chemical cleaners? Are you concerned about your precious children getting exposed to harmful chemicals in your cleaners – and maybe needing to call poison control or worse take them to the hospital? Are you absolutely sure that the natural cleaners you had previously purchased actually even clean and question if they are truly free from harmful chemicals?

Today we talk about the Young Living Thieves Household Cleaners!! Not only does it smell wonderful, but it cleans EVERYTHING really well too! AND, Young Living is a company that we trust completely. We have visited the farms, planted some of the very plants that are later distilled, seen the distillation facility and process, talked to the farm workers – at every level ! We have also seen the testing labs, talked to the lab technicians as well. We have even been able to tour the warehouse facility where our orders are picked, packed and shipped AND been able to speak to those workers too. Every aspect of the Young Living business is open for scrutiny.

If you are looking for someone to help you learn about ‘all things oily’, I would love to be your oil lady!
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It is for our health!
Evelyn Mae

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My car accident 12-26-2020 left me partially paralyzed. I appreciate your support of my home business, it helps me to pay for alternative healing modalities & supplies not covered by insurance.

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